The Historic & Classic Vehicle Alliance

09 Aug 2021

The Historic & Classic Vehicle Alliance

The world of classic and historic vehicles celebrates heritage and craftmanship at every level. We are working to protect and preserve this Great British industry, for us all and for generations to come.

It's vital we ensure the 113,000 current jobs we support are protected and that we reach out to younger people, exciting them about the prospects of joining the industry. By bringing in youth with fresh skills and outlooks, we can get our sector fit for a bright future.

By remaking, reusing and repairing, this industry is the definition of sustainability, far greener than building and transporting new vehicles, even electric ones. We work to ensure that this positive aspect of our sector is both recognised and celebrated.

We intend to create a ''Kite Mark'' for restoration and maintenance of historic cars, building trust and a common set of standards. By ensuring exemplary safety while remaining faithful to tradition, we'll enhance customer confidence, which can only be a help to us all.   



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