Why Fuel Octane Matters

14 Dec 2021

Why Fuel Octane Matters

Pistonheads just ran a promoted piece from Esso on their Synergy Supreme+ 99 fuel and the benefits it provides older and higher performance cars.

As many of you are aware - here in the UK - what was standard unleaded fuel (E5) with a 5% ethanol component has now been replaced at the pump with E10 with a 10% ethanol component. If you run an older car - seals and gaskets don't always take kindly to significant ethanol components in fuel and now you might want to focus on running higher octance fuels with a reduced - or if possible - no ethanol components.

If you run a performance car - you'll understand the benefits of running high octance fuel for performance reasons and preventing engine "knock" or detonation, but you may be unaware that Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 is currently the only high octane fuel available without ethanol - which appears to make it ideal for older cars.

Although the article is overtly an Esso promotion - it provides some interesting insights into their high octane fuel - which for classic and high performance car owners seems a strong option.

For more information on their high octane fuel option available at the pumps - click on the link to the article below:

Why Octane Matters article on Pistonheads


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